Sunday, March 30, 2008

Show Notes For 3/30/2008
List of sequels, remakes and the like.
X-Files 2

Good chick flicks:

Let me paint you a scenario:

You're at home with your best gal and she leans over as whispers ever so sweetly into your ear, let's rent a movie. Now you know she's not going to want to watch explostions and big action movies. She wants some snuggle time with you while watching a movie that will touch her heart. You turn your face away so she doesn't see you roll your eyes and the words that pop into your head are "chick flick". So you drive to the movie rental place and you look longingly towards True Lies but you must look away. She asks what you want to watch...a test! You're onto her scheme. You shrug and say you don't know. After perusing the shelves where all that jumps out at you are movies you know you can't watch she comes over with a movie in hand and gives you an ultimatum. Either you pick something or we're going to watch Glitter. Your heart palpates, the palms become clamy with persperation, your breathing becomes eratic. Maria Carey in skimpy outfits What will you pick in order to save yourself from the ego trip of a hot but crazy singer? What will you pick!? Dun dun dunnnnnn!

Movie List:

- City Of Angels - a really good story with a great ending
- Save The Last Dance - get to see some hot people dancing
- Something New - funny and good if you're in an inter-racial relationship
- The Girl In The Cafe - Politics for you, good romance for her
- A Walk To Remember - kind of a typical romance movie but without sex = love
- What Women Want - great romantic comedy
- Bodyguard - Good movie and at the end of the movie turn to your girl and say, I would take a bullet for you.
- Ghost - some freaky ghost scenes for you, a spicy clay molding scene for her
- When Harry Met Sally - a difficult one with Billy Crystal as a love interest, but some good comedy
- Sixteen Candles - the quintessential 80s romance movie. Good comedy in it as well
- The American President - if you liked West Wing, this is the precursor to it, and some good romance
- Groundhog Day - great comedy, good love story
- Amelie - great movie through and through
- An Officer And A Gentleman - good boot camp scenes for you, and good love careful though...your girl might make you start working out
I.Q. - if you're a science geeks this is most excellent
High School Musical - if you can stand musicals this is pretty entertaining
- African Queen - an older movie but a goodie
- Casablanca - older movie, great spy scenes for you and a wonderful love story for both
- Ten Things I Hate About You - not bad, and some good comedy
- Keeping The Faith
- Guess Who
- 100 Girls

Not so much chick flicks, but if you can sneak them in and convince her that it has good romance
- Phenomenon - some good science fiction for you, and some really good romance
- Conspiracy Theory - conspiracy theories for you, convince her by saying it about one man's ability to put everything in jeopardy to save the woman he loves

Anything with John Cusack; except American Sweethearts
- Serendipity
- Say Anything
- High Fidelity
- Better Off Dead

Briney also suggested
- The Notebook

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Have a good week folks.

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