Monday, September 7, 2009

Film Geeks - Episode 45 - Inglorious Geeks

Title: EPISODE45 - Inglorious Geeks

Episode Notes: Tonight, our geeks talk about..."the B word"! That's right a whole show dedicated to Quentin Tarantino's newest flick, "Inglorious Basterds". What do the geeks think? Obviously it has to be good if a whole show is dedicated to it right? Oh crap, these are the same guys that watch "Battlefield Earth" for fun! That's it! I'm leaving! *feet clomping/opens door/slams door/gets in car/and speeds off*.

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Show Notes

Boondock Saints 2 - All Saints Day Trailer

Movies discussed:

Plan 9 From Outer Space - Rifftrax event -
Ed Wood
Inglorious Basterds
Avatar Trailer - Good...or not?

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Chrisk67 said...

Good to see you posting your show on Twitter. I was also told even after I saw your post today that Judy mentioned that you posted a funny. Miss you man and I hope you are well. Keep in touch. Ep 100 of SC was just posted today and you got a mention in it my friend.
Be well,