Friday, July 4, 2008

New Episode Of Gathering Geeks

My apologies to all the fans who haven't seen any updates in the past week. We've taken a break this past week from Film Geeks, but not to worry! Our new episode will feature a triple feature of movies including "Wall-E", "Wanted", and "Handcock". So join us at 7pm EST at Talkshoe.

Also, because of massive computer trouble on my end, I haven't been able to get online to do more movie reviews. That will change soon as well, so bookmark the site, subscribe via RSS, or tell 50 friends to remind you to check out the site each day. Remember...only you can prevent forest fires.

I have been able to get a hold of the new Gathering Geeks episode featuring myself (Patrick), CK from Sound Check, and Chaz from One Geek And A Microphone. Enjoy this episode...I also hear the lost episode is going to be released soon....shhhhh.

Gathering Geeks : Episode 7 - Her Name was R.I.A.A.

In this episode we discuss:

Bill Gates retires

Why is Microsoft Hated?

Will Yahoo Survive?

The R.I.A.A. and it’s methods

Commercial Radio

DRM Hell

What is “Fair Use”?

The iPhone a “conspiracy”?

This Week’s Movie Pick- Charlie Bartlet

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