Sunday, July 6, 2008

Show Notes For Film Geeks Episode 21

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Title: EPISODE21 - Animated, Action Geeks
Episode Notes: We take off a week and then start again this week covering Pixar's new flick Wall-E, Hancock, and Wanted. It's a triple feature! Tune In, Tune On, Geek Out.


- Animation had some good and bad parts
- Good - great use of film "flaws" (shaky cam and unfocus); Earth look is great and carries outt the "dirty feel" well and space has a real crisp look to it.
- Bad - not all of it looked animated and it appeared to change animation styles at time.
- Use of live action scene was a nice added touch
- Over-consumerism and extreme environmentalism was ALMOST over pushed (not as bad as "Happy Feet" though)
- It's definitely a cute movie with cute characters
- Appealed to a wide range of people who viewed the movie - a real knock out for Hollywood demographers
- Briney says the dust was well animated
- How did these blobous people have kids? What kind of robots were used to do that?! (only Film Geeks asks the hard question!)
- Patrick believes that Toy Story is still the best Pixar.

Grade - A-


- Timur Bekmambetov is an excellent director and I am really excited to see what else he will do in the States. He will definitely give Michael Bay a run for his money!
- Lots of great humor - especially involving the main character quitting his job...and a keyboard
- Some really awesome gun play - almost rivals that of "Equilibrium"...almost
- James McAvoy was good and I'm excited to see what else he will do. He's almost the anti-hero version of Shia LaBeou.
- Morgan Freeman seems like he's out of place in this role. He doesn't seem to pull it off well.
- Angelina Jolie brings in some of her Laura Croft and definately the sexiness but nothing new; might appeal to strong female fans.
- The "loom of fate" was stupid and different from the comics
- Nice use of narration - just enough to add to the storyline (kind of Fight Club-like)
- A few nice twists - some are cheesy, others are good
- A real fun movie - a typical action/gun play movie but that's not always a bad thing and it's great counter programing to "Wall-E". "Tired of cute robots? Want to see a lot of bullets and blood?! Check out "WANTED"!!!"

Grade - B-


- Definately not as bad as some of the critics have made it out to be.
- Good visuals and they don't use them a whole lot and in every scene
- Jason Bateman steals the show for me.
- Charlize Theron's character is not explained at all, seems random and appears to have been just thrown in there in a re-write. Could have been better without her or with her just being suspicious of Hancock possibly letting down her husband.
- Really wanted to see a few more crime fighting scenes - either with Hancock still screwed up or trying to redeam himself. Also wanted to see more funny scenes in the jail.
- I don't really understand why Hancock trusted Bateman's character so quickly.
- Smith doesn't knock this one out of the park like he wanted to. Maybe he's more known for doing dramatic roles instead of these action packed roles now?
- Too much was shown in the third movie trailer released and some scenes in the trailer were even taken out (Hancock dragging the prisoners in the chain gang)

Grade - C+

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