Friday, April 18, 2008


This is going to be a quick post but I wanted to get it up and share.

I was recently contacted by writer and director of "Kids In America" about my review, Josh Stolberg. I also want to add that I even have in my review, a part that slams him, "Yes that's the same Josh Stolberg who wrote Good Luck Chuck. I know, I'm as surprised as you are he can write a decent movie that doesn't defame females." It shows you Hollywood people have some tough skin to take abuse like that from a lowly person like me and still be a class act. The following was written to me:

"Hey there,

Thanks for the nice write-up about my movie. It made me smile.



Not bad for an amateur reviewer, if I can say so myself!

Also this review came in:

"Nice review. I would, however, recommend you check out the studio's other prequel, DOMINION: PREQUEL TO THE EXORCIST, the film by Paul Schrader which EXORCIST: THE BEGINNING reimaginined, poorly (ie. with high octane action and "scares"). It, too, features Stellan Skarsgard as Merrin.

No one should just see one prequel and not the other. Both have pros, both have cons, and are in fact good, bad and ugly, and only hint at what could have been without the heavy-handed studio interference.

I'm writing the definitive book on all 360 degrees of the two films and their production history. It will be a year or more before It's available, but fortunately a fair amount of key players have granted me interviews, and a few more are waiting in the wings, as I deal with my more practical priorties. But stay tuned to my website, which I update as often as possible.

Stay geeky, my friend.


Michael Garrett"

This is our day for accolades today I guess!

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