Sunday, April 20, 2008

Show Notes For 04/20/2008

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Movie news: - Spielberg will do 3D live action Ghost In The Shell - Jutice League once against gets "tabled"

* = talked about
** = disagreed on

Good Villians
- Hans Gruber* - Die Hard - The best bad guy ever
- Hannibal Lecter* - Silence Of The Lambs - so darn smooth and yet psychotic
- T-1000* - T2 - unstoppable
- The Operative - Serenity - he scares me
- Agent Smith* - Matrix Trilogy - can kill you with in/with out, take over your body, and if you're not the be screwed
- Ivan Korshunov* - Air Force One - any villian Gary Oldman plays is awesome
- John Doe - Se7en - plans everything perfectly and wins in the end
- Leatherface - Texas Chainsaw Massacre - no matter how fast you run, no matter where you're dead. He won't kill you right off, he'll experiment on you
- Jaws* - Jaws series - he kills almost everyone, including some heroes and in later movies he tracks your movements on land by scent...somehow
- Vigo the Carpathian* - Ghostbusters II - so scary
- The Emperor* - Star Wars series - he single handly destroys the Republic (with the help of Jar Jar) and he tricks the rebels and knows when to destroy his enemies
- Darth Vader* - Star Wars 4-6 ONLY - make fun of his religion...that's a choking, apoligize to him...that's a choking, but is he really a bad guy?
- Nazis* - I hate these guys
- Freddy/Jason/Michael Myers - you just can't kill these people!
- Biff Tannen* - Back To The Future - The worst bully in movie history
- The government - The Siege, Shooter, Enemy of the State
- The Devil - The Stand, The Exorcist, Emily Rose, End Of Days

Bad Villians
- Wicked Witch of the West - Wizard Of Oz - kill a girl for some slippers?
- Borg Queen* - First Contact - too human
- Commodus** - Gladiator - how great can a villian be who crys all the time
- HAL 9000** - 2001 - ya sure he can eject a man into space, but he's taken out by a screwdriver
- Mr. Freeze* - Batman And Robin - how many ice/cold jokes can we take? Where is the class Mr. Freeze is suppose to have
- Pennywise - It - HE'S A BUG!
- Bennett - Commando - how is this guy intimidating? what's with the chainmail? what does he do? what's with the mustache?
- Gozer the Gozarian** - Ghostbusters - when Walter Peck is meaner than you it's sad, also what bad guy lets someone pick their destroyer
- Terl - Battlefield Earth - he's a complete moron
- Sauron** - LOTR - sure he was cool before he was killed the first time, but he's the overlord who lets his minions do all the work.
- Harry and Marv - Home Alone - How do you slip on toy cars? I've tried that and there is no way!

Next week's show topic - Best and worst animated films in the history of cinema.
Next, Next week's show topic - unintentional comedies

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