Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Patrick Guest Stars On Another Podcast

There's a really great podcast that I've been going to for a few months now that has been a blast to listen to and participate in it. It's a true friend to the Film Geeks show.

The show is called Sound Check and it's hosted by one of the best on air personalities that'd I've listen to, Chris Kulturides (lovably know as CK). His show is current events, politics, and random topics that are really interesting (for example: what do you do when your new father-in-law invites himself and his wife on your and your new wife honeymoon cruise). The following are from the most recent shows posted and the links provided gets you to more shows. I've been a guest on this show from episode 34 or so. Have a blast listening to this really funny and interesting show. The show airs on Talkshoe, linked below, Thursdays at 9:35 PM.

Sound Check - Episode 45 - Troubled Time

"Episode 45 was filled with live callers and listeners and the jabs were being thrown. The debating was in full effect. We talk about so many topics in this episode that their are to many to tag. We do talk about the election, Iran vs. Iraq, MySpace and Facebook, the Red Cross in Nigeria and how it will effect gas prices, and some funny topics at the end of the show."

Sound Check - Episode 46 - SWAT Attack

"In Episode 46, the jabs keep coming and it was a great show. I went off on a hosting rant, a Talkshoe.com email from tech support, and many other topics."

Talkshoe link - http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/45577

Sound Check webpage (WITH FORUMS!!!) - http://check12check12.com/

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Chris K said...

Thank you, you are truly kind sir. You are always welcome on the show we call "Sound Check."