Sunday, June 8, 2008

Show Notes For Episode 18 Of Film Geeks

Episode 18 - DocuGeeks - can be listen to here -

Movie News
No advance media for "The Happening"
Bruce Willis will play Kane Marcus in "Kane and Lynch" movie, based on the video game.
This just in...150 people watched a Uwe Boll movie! Of course, they walked out of it as well.;_ylt=AgMD71XcynVJUGhWuovPNvcwFxkF
Donnie Darko 2 news;_ylt=AiKqISJxYDaodGxthmR0WnEwFxkF
Terminator 4 news;_ylt=AtX9m6LOdg4HlkX4ccwd.ZQwFxkF
Another Dune take
Iron Man Sequel

Tony Stark WILL be in Iron Man - go to the blog to get the link to the new trailer!

From the people who did Planet Earth...When We Left Earth - Premiers tonight at 9 on Discovery.


* Talked About In Full

- Planet Earth*
- Ken Burns Civil War*
- Ken Burns Baseball
- Ken Burns The War
- In The Shadow Of The Moon*
- Born Into Brothels*
- Christianity - The First Two Thousand Years
- Freedom Downtime
- Global Warming Or Global Governance
- Who Killed The Electric Car?*
- Hacking Democracy
- Super Size Me*
- This Film Is Not Yet Rated
- Why We Fight*
- Waco - The Rules Of Engagement
- America - Freedom To Fascism
- The King Of Kong*
- An Evening With Kevin Smith 1 And 2
- Enron - The Smartest Guys In The Room
- How William Shatner Changed The World
- More Than Dreams
- Trekkies
- Steal This Film 1 And 2

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