Sunday, June 22, 2008

Show Notes For Episode 20 Of Film Geeks

EPISODE 20 - can be listen to here -

Movie News
The people behind Captain America must really hate us. Leonardo DiCaprio has been RUMORED to be Captain America.
Kevin Smith Vs. the MPAA
Spidy 4
Two Face clip is out. You only see half of it though.
Even Marky Mark thinks he sucks. M Night has even called his new movie a "B movie"
Stan Winston died on Monday - Terminator 2, Aliens, Jurassic Park, and many others.

Get Smart Review

39.2 million for the weekend - my predictions for the lines movie critics will use
If they like it - Get Smart is smart or Get Smart outsmarts the competition
If they didn't like it - Get Smart, missed it by that much

- Don't expect a lot out of this movie. It does have some funny parts but it's not the best American comedy
- Steve Carell does a great job of showing a lot of aspects that Don Adams brought
- Anne Hathway is mighty hot in this and she's got a lot more action scenes than I expected
- The the Rock
- The story has a few gaps in it, most importantly what the motive of the main bad guy was
- Bill Murray has a nice quick cameo as Agent 13
- Not really a spy parody like Austin Powers is, more like an action comedy
- Alan Arkin really comes over the top and shows some great action bits
- There are some really great action sequences that are quite surprising
- Terence Stamp has that classic bad guy feel to him; he was still best as General Zod and in this movie too he's got a huge hulking underling too
- The script is decent enough with a good amount of really funny stuff, other times it's more miss than hit.
- Overall - B-

Over hyped movies:

These movies can be called over hyped or overrated depending on how you're talking about them. That means you hear a person or a group of people rant and rave over a film and then when you watch it you're like, "So what?" So with this list, it's going to be hard no stepping on anyone's feet or love for a movie since, by definitions, the movies we're going to be covering, for the most part, are loved.

- Talk about he use of trailers and how some trailers lie about what the movie is actually about (ex. Pan's Labyrinth, Proof, A Beautiful Mind, Reign Of Fire, 28 Days Later, Blair Witch, Man Of The Year, Pirates 3)

- Talk about the reliance of CGI in movies to get people to go see it (ex. Battlefield Earth, The Matrix sequels, Shrek 3, Jurassic Park 2 and 3, The Day After Tomrrow, Pirates 3)

- Cloverfield - stands apart. It's a good movie but not worth becoming a frickin detective over it

Over rated movies:
- Citizen Kane - maybe I'm not smart enough or I don't appreciate all that Orson Wells did for cinemtography, but I have to disagree with AFI's list every year that puts this up at number 1
- The DaVinci Code - the book was so hyped up that I don't think as many people read it as claimed to...why? Because it was horribly boring!
- Star Wars - Episode 1 - why George? why?!?!?!?!?!
- One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest - this is just a boring, unintelligent, nothing happening movie
- Apocalypse Now - it's a good movie, but it's waaay to long for a war movie and uses a lot of symbolism
- Scarface - if you're a rapper than you have to own this by law. Really, there's not much here in the way of a coherent movie
- The Shining - some of it freaky, but there is not a lot of explination and a lot doesn't happen in it
- The Seventh Seal - it might have been good when no one knew which way to point a camera, but Ingmar Bergman didn't really write or direct anything special here.
- Fantasia - just horrible, not a good kids movie at all
- Dune
- Blade Runner
- Borat

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