Monday, June 2, 2008

Show Notes For Episode 17 - 06-01-2008
Why Indy went digital - ""He (Spielberg) thought maybe we should just go back to the way we did things before, like matte paintings on glass and things like that," said visual effects supervisor Pablo Helman. "We entertained that idea for a little bit, but we realized we could serve the story better by using our digital tools.""
Ford might come back as Jack Ryan
Universal Studios fire. 40K to 50K videos and reels were damaged and Back to the Future and King Kong sets were destroyed. This is why Hollywood needs to back up their media quicker. Not only to make a profit but some of these items are the only ones in existence and should be shared with the masses
Rainn Wilson (aka Dwight from The Office) has confirmed he will be a professor in a Transformers sequal
Patrick Swayze won't come back for Point Break 2. Still doesn't mean their won't be one. However, this would mean his character in the film really died.
Eddie Murphy is going to reprise his role as Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop 4 - the only good thing that this means is he'll only be playing 1 character and it won't be in a fat suit!,,1068572,00.html
How "Manos - The Hands Of Fate" got made.
Michael Bay will bring a board game to life. No not Life, or a Clue remake, not even another rip off of Jumanji. It will be Ouija!
A fan submitted story about 30 upcoming movie sequels that are in the works. I wish we could write movie producers like we can our Congressmen to get them to stop these things before they even start.

Parody/Spoof Movies

- Airplane 1 and 2
- Hot Shots 1 and 2
- Naked Gun 1-3
- Wrongfully Accused
- Mafia!
- Austin Powers 1-3

- Shriek If You Know What You Did Last Friday The 13th
- Scary Movie series
- Date Movie
- Meet The Spartans
- Epic Movie
- Spy Hard
- Super Hero Movie

Hollywood doesn't have to take a big of a risk because they know the movie elements spoofed already work.

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