Monday, October 27, 2008

Film Geeks - Halloween Special

Title: EPISODE34 - You Scared The Geek Out Of Me!

Episode Notes: Yes, All Hallow's Eve is upon us and while some of us are anticipating hot chicks in sexy costumes, others are planning for an entire horror movie fest, when the sun sets and the lights go out. We're discussing horror movies of all varieties. Also Patrick shares his review of Max Payne.

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Max Payne - Game Vs. Movie
Doctor Strange movie

Clint Eastwood's new movie - Gran Torino Trailer

Patrick's Review Of Max Payne
* due to the seething and bad words like "hiney" and "sucks" Patrick used in the written review you're going to have to listen to the show to get his take on the movie.

Scariest Movie Ever Seen
- The Exorcist
- Texas Chainsaw Massacrew (2003)

Stupidest Scary Movie That Was Trying To Be
- The Blair Witch Project
- Teeth
- The Ring

Scary Movie That Was Fun
- Killer Klowns From Outer Space
- Evil Dead Series
- The Gingerdead Man
- Trolls 2
- Santa's Slay

Most Creative Scary Movie
- Scream
- Saw

Scary Movie That Shouldn't Have Been Good But Was
- The Stand
- Carrie

Best Remake Of A Scary Movie
- Dawn Of The Dead
- Texas Chainsaw Massacrew

Worst Remake Of A Scary Movie
- House On Haunted Hill
- 13 Ghosts

Classic Scary Movie That Really Isn't That Scary
- Halloween
- Nightmare On Elm Street
- Interview With The Vampire

Old Scary Movies
- Them!
- House On Haunted Hill
- 13 Ghosts

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Film Geeks - Episode 33 - Geek Smorgasbord

Title: EPISODE33 - Geek Smorgasbord

Episode Notes: We are going to be covering a variety of topics including movies we're ashamed to admit we've seen, movies we liked when we saw them but don't know what we were thinking, and movies that would make the jockiest jock cry.

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Movie News

Terrance Howard out, Don Cheadle in for Ironman 2
Update on Spiderman 4 and 5
Another Pirates Of The Caribbean movie
No more He-Man


Patrick's Picks are first, then Briney's are after the space

Movies You Don't Like To Admit You've Watched
- Glitter
- Bring It On
- Crossroads
- Power Rangers - The Movie

- Bring It On
- Serendipity

Movies You Don't Like To Admit You Like
- Wing Commander
- Signs
- Pride And Prejudice
- Captain Corelli's Mandolin
- Legally Blonde
- The Animal
- Hudson Hawk
- High School Musical 1 + 2

- Wing Commander
- Signs
- I, Robot
- Blades Of Glory (mindless comedy movies)
- Zoolander

Movies You Saw Before And Liked But Now You Ask Yourself, "What Was I Thinking?!"
- Willow
- Water Boy
- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3

- Pearl Harbor
- The Hulk

Movies That Made You Cry
- E.T.
- Passion Of The Christ
- Saving Private Ryan

- Passion Of The Christ
- Saving Private Ryan
- Pearl Harbor
- Click
- What Women Want
- October Sky
- Band Of Brothers

Movies With Amazing Music - Either Score Or Soundtrack


- Star Wars series
- The Passion Of The Christ
- Gettysburg

- Lord Of The Rings
- 300
- Gladiator
- Transformers
- Troy
- 28 Days Later

- Matrix
- The Punisher
- Little Nicki
- The X-Files

- Ocean's Series
- Crash
- V For Vendetta

Movies You've Walked Out On Or Just Couldn't Finish
- Time Bandits
- Magnolia
- Fantasia

- Fight Club
- The Good Shepard

Movies That You Didn't Think You'd Get Through But Did
- Spiderman 3
- Pirates Of The Caribbean 3
- The Castle Of Fu Manchu
- Little Nicki
- What Dreams May Come
- Man Of The Year

- Pirates Of The Caribbean 3

Monday, October 13, 2008

Film Geeks - Episode 32 - Sports Night

Title: EPISODE32 - Geeks And Jocks Collide

Episode Notes: Geeks talking about sports movies?! Someone's getting stuffed into the locker at the end of this episode. Which ones did we think hit a home run and which one made us throw a flag on the play. Tune in for even better sports puns!

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Movie News:
Indy 5?
South Park rape.
Indiana Jones Meets Han Solo
Nolan on for Batman 3
IGN's - Characters We Don't Want In Batman 3
Under Siege 3....IN SPACE!

Sports Movies
* = ones we talked about

- Rookie Of The Year*
- The Sandlot*
- Bryan's Song
- A League Of Their Own*
- Cool Runnings
- Cutting Edge
- Invincible
- Rocky series - Especially IV and VI
- Hoosiers
- Mighty Ducks 1 - and 1 only
- Eight Men Out
- The Bad News Bears (1976)
- Field Of Dreams
- Remember The Titans*
- Major Leauge
- Facing The Giants*
- Rudy*
- Angels In The Outfield*
- For The Love Of The Game
- Pride Of The Yankees
- Brian's Song*
- Happy Gilmore
- Miracle
- Chariots Of Fire
- Victory
- Friday Night Lights

- Waterboy*
- Any Given Sunday
- Rollerball (2001)
- Kingpin
- Bring It On
- Radio
- Varsity Blues*
- Million Dollar Baby
- Wimbledon

Just okay:
- We Are Marshall
- The Replacements
- White Men Can't Jump
- Space Jam
- The Natural
- Caddyshack
- The Big Green
- Little Giants
- Mean Machine
- Any sports movie involving Will Ferrell
- Tin Cup