Thursday, July 25, 2013

Adjustment Bureau, The

The Adjustment Bureau

When I saw the trailer for this movie I was excited. It reminded me of other “man behind the curtain” films that I like. The best one being, of course, “They Live” and another great one of “Dark City”. Those movies were fun and exciting and interesting and thought provoking. Yes, even watching Rowdy Roddy Piper have an extended fight scene over putting on a pair of special sunglasses was fun. This movie was...I'm sorry I fell asleep there. This movie was...*yawn*. Oh man, sorry. This movie made me feel how Matt Damon acted in it.

David Norris (Matt Damon) is a politician trying to get into the Senate when he crosses paths with a quirky girl, Elise (Emily Blunt). However, the men behind the curtains don't want the two to have a relationship because of some master plan. Also there's that one guy from Mad Men (John Slattery) in it and he kind of does things and Terence Stamp he kind of does things as well and Anthony Mackie kind of does things as well but they all kind of don't do anything...and they wear hats.

Grade – D+

Man “Dark City” was gritty and interesting and had a point and was thought provoking. It had drama, it had suspense, it had characters emote. Boy, how I wish this movie was “Dark City”.

Matt Damon barely has a personality in this. I've seen him act better in “Saving Private Ryan” where he seemed to care a little. Emily Blunt and him have no chemistry together. They get together because the story calls for it and you're told they should. I didn't find myself rooting for them, I just wanted to know more about the Bureau.

Well you kind of don't get anything other than probably angels with god. But this god seems to have a plan, but not the plan that seems like a plan, only a plan that isn't planned and you have to find that without planning for it and things and such. This movie tries to play both sides of the fence and it wind up looking foolish and silly. The overall scheme makes no sense and you barely see the Bureau at work. You also question why they work with special items and not just “do the things they want to”. Then there's the story of two lovers fighting against the universe to be together. All I could think of was that I hope Damon and Blunt are ok bringing about the next dark period of human history just so they can hook up.

Poor pacing, incoherent storyline, terrible acting, and I found myself wanting to fast forward through most of it. Go watch “Dark City”! Go watch “They Live!” This movie needed some major adjustments.


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