Saturday, March 15, 2008

Boondock Saints - A Patrick Movie Review

In honor of St. Patrick's Day I am posting the best Irish movie ever made, as well as my favorite movie far.

Boondock Saints

One of the greatest unsung movies of our time has got to be Boondock Saints. Well ok, stupid college kids found this movie about a week after I watched it and then it became cool. Well at least that's my story. Also it might not be the best movie ever. However asking me to pick my favorite movie is hard, especially when you've seen all the movies I have. I usually have to break my selections down by genre. However this movie has been my favorite for about 5 years now.

This movie has quite a few big names in it considering the limited viewership this movie got. Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus, Billy Connolly, Willem Dafoe, and even porn star, Ron Jeremy star in this Punisher-esk movie. Written and directed by Troy Duffy, Flannery and Reedus play Connor and Murphy MacManus. Two Irish brothers who are called upon by God to rid the world of the vilest scum with the righteous hand of justice. Their friend Rocco is a mob errand runner who ends up helping the brothers find the worst criminals out there. Willem Dafoe plays an "eccentric" FBI agent who's looking into the murder the brothers are involved in. Yet he has no clue who could be killing mob guys who aren't mob connected.

What makes this movie so cool you ask? You didn't? Oh well do it anyways. Well because it's my transition. Well I'm going to ask it for you!
1) They are Irish - with accents and all...Irish people are the best!

2) The comedy. - There is so much to laugh at. I don't want to give the best parts away. However I will say this, once you see a attention to the cat. Also if you thought WIllem Dafoe is creepy...just imagine drag! Ahhhh!

3) The cinematography is excellent. The way this film is shot is one of the best ways I've seen a movie filmed. I would put this as second on a list of best camera shots (Children Of Men being number 1).

4) The quotes - you will find this movie ladden with more quotes you can use than any Simpsons episode could ever give you. Things like "We're like 7/11. We might not be doing any business...but we're always open". Not to mention the prayer they give right before they make a hit. Poetry never bled this good.

5)Il Duce - watch the movie and be afraid...of Il Duce

6) One of the best speeches in a movie. For those of you who know me. You know one of my favorite movie speeches for a long time has been President Whitmore's speech from Independence Day. You also know that I can recite it on command, in my sleep, while eating peanut butter and crackers. The court room speech in this movie is right on par with that. You feel your heart palpitate, you feel your glands start to excrete, and you suddenly feel giddy.

7) Rocco - one of the funniest side kicks you've ever seen in a movie. You love him, you laugh at him, you feel for him.

8) The cat - watch the movie.

Boondock Saints, if you haven't seen it and love Punisher type movies (not Dolph Lugrand blasphemies but real Punisher movies), then watch this. You won't be disappointed. The fan base for this movie keeps growing and growing.

This movie might also make you want to go back to church again...just to see if God will choose you to be Irish...I mean to be his hit man!

Grade - A+

"In order to find his equal, an Irish man is forced to talk to God."


Hal C. F. Astell said...

So after reading your reviews on Hellboy: Sword of Storms and Ong-Bak, I'm thinking that we have very close taste in movies. I couldn't agree with your reviews more. Next step would be to look for any Korean films on your list, but I saw The Boondock Saints there instead and...

I guess that our taste isn't that consistent after all. I hated this movie more than any other movie I can remember. I still feel anger to those who made me watch it. You literally couldn't pay me to watch this again.

Then again I'm English not Irish. Maybe this is a cultural thing.

JohnOliver said...

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