Thursday, March 6, 2008

Movie Review Start - Patrick

We here at the Film Geeks blog have decided that we need something more entertaining than announcing our show, Film Geeks which can be heard at at 8ish EST on Sundays, on our blog to draw people here. So we have decided that from time to time we'd throw up some movie reviews. After all we do run a show called Film Geeks, which can be heard at at 8ish EST on Sundays.

So I, Patrick, am going to kick it off with a movie that I watched last night. First I want to explain some background info so you can decided whether or not to take at least my reviews seriously. I don't use X out of 10 film reals, stars, or even thumbs; and if I were you would never find the best movie ever made rated as an 11 or higher...because THE SCALE IS FROM 1 TO peeve. I use the standard grade system, A, B, C, D, and F (no E because E really means an F). I also use + and - after the letter to denote a grade within a grade. So if a movie retains a grade of A+ it means that it was almost perfect in my eyes. A grade of A means that it was almost perfect except for maybe one thing I just couldn't get past. A grade of A- would mean while it was a good movie it just needed to try a little bit harder. Also for me, every movie starts out at a C+, not an A+ like they tell you in school. The movie people had the guts to put out their work for others to watch and judge so they start at a C+. Now if they shouldn't have bothered...they will drop, if they did a good job they will rise, and if it was so-so it might stay the same.

Movies that received a grade of F means it was so bad I found no enjoyment out of it. Now to the difficult part. I love B movies and so most will have two grades. The first being the grade of the movie in general and the second on being a B movie. So for example, Army Of Darkness might be rated as a B- in general, but in my B movie love it's an A+. I will denote when a movie is a B movie and you'll notice two grade. Most of the older sci-fi movies are now considered B movies so you'll probably see a lot of two grades if I do a lot of those.

If you want to see me do a movie review of just about any movie, please, feel free to send us an e-mail at with the name of the movie and which one of us, or both, you'd want to see review it.

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